BETTY's 5p Pots


    The idea for Betty’s 5p Pots came from Betty Frith, who was the Honorary Treasurer for over 20 years at the Hertford branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).

    Sadly she is no longer with us but the Hertford Branch started adopting the idea in May 2014 and, with the very strong support from Albany Radio in Hertford, raised £450 in 5p coins that year. In 2015 they raised over £2,500. To date they have now raised a staggering £240,000 raised around the country.

    Honley & Brockholes Branch, RNLI was inspired to copy the idea beginning in February 2020.

    Betty’s 5p Pots are the small jam jars that you get your breakfast jam or marmalade in when you stay at a hotel or visit establishments offering breakfasts. We are particularly looking for help to recycle these jars once they have been used for that purpose, in order to cope with the increasing public demand for more jars.

    We are also looking for places who would display a small box of pots on view for collection.

    Below is the first box to go out to The Sweet Stop. Honley

    If anyone can help in any way, please get in touch:
    Andrew Ingham.
    Tel: 07884944118


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    HONLEY. The Sweet Stop. Zebra. T.L. Dallas.

    HOLMFIRTH. Hay's Travel Agents. Holmfirth Garage.

    MELTHAM. Morrisons Supermarket.